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tv   [untitled]    October 7, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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encourage more people like that to inñwe need to encourage more people to invest. i have heard various concerns about noises. it is pretty rough right now. this is going to be a big improvement. i would encourage you to support the project and send a message we would like to invite more business into the neighborhood. >> thank you. is there an additional public comment on this item? public comment is closed. >> i want to test myself on my ability to understand the plans for the facility and, and i would like to ask the applicant how he would describe parking is
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not acceptable behavior, when the only language dogs speak is barking? will you please explain that to us? >> dogs have many ways of communicating besides sparking that are acceptable. she is tugging on me. there are other ways of doing it. if you have ever seen dogs laid down low to the ground with their front paws, which means they want to play. if they nicked slightly, that is susceptible, but parking is stressful to the other dogs, and in a playground situation, it is not preferred. even in a playground, when the
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dog started barking, it usually sets things off. the dogs will run together. there are other ways that are a little more subtle. >> you have 60 dogs, and i am sure you cannot watch them individually. when one dog barks, he will have time out. i find the psychology of of a big facility difficult to understand, and i would ask you, what qualifications do the people you trying to hire have with the psychology you have with large numbers of dogs. even one person with five dogs on a leash is having a hard time. you are now doing this with 60 dogs.
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how do you see that as happening? >> there are two questions. the first one is how the you have 60 dogs. you divide it. one person manages no more than 15 dogs. you are not going to have one person or to cripple -- two people try to manage $60. you can have colleges with 1000 students, but they are not all in one class. 15 is a standard the industry has.
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>> i looked at the space. i find it very frustrating. they are very small, and since it does not have any light, i did not even seen natural ventilation or daylight in the areas you identified. i would think that creates a facility that is less desirable than smaller facilities i have looked at where there is at least light and air. >> let me answer a question about qualifications. there are certifications where people can be certified for taking care of dogs. we will do that to try to have a certified nurse situation. the space we have is wonderful.
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we have a large window in the back and in the front. we would love to have an outdoor space, because that would be best for the dogs, but that is not allowed. it is over 3000 sq. ft. of space. it is a good amount of space and very high ceilings. even the basement has high ceilings. >> do you have the qualifications people need to work with those dogs? do you have them so you know who you will be hiring? >> i have been educating myself about it. i will not be the manager myself, but i will be hiring someone more qualified than me to do that. i will get this started, but i will hire someone with more credentials than myself.
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>> while i a agree with you, it is very important, and there are many people in the tenderloin who do have dogs. many of them to have animals in their rooms. that is correct. i would be interested in in what see structure you would-be suggesting. how will they be able to benefit from this when they barely can take care of themselves? >> that is a good question. we want to have a balance. we want to charge enough fees so we can pay good wages and have good people taking care of the dogs. we would probably charge the same seas are competitors charge and what the market will bear,
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but we have come up with different ideas for special rates for people in the neighborhood. it is more of way of trying to control that, so one idea is if somebody is on snap, someone else has already qualified that, and they have our card. we are not going to have social workers, but we would be able to give a special rate to someone with a card. another thing, if someone is homeless and tries to interview for a job, we would like to take care of their dog. we can tell who really is going out looking for a job. the other is saying is if they can show they are on
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unemployment, that would be another program we can put in place. the same thing is if you put your dog to the ponund, we will offer no less quality. >> i talked to some people in the industry, and i could not found any of what you are trying to do. small businesses are commenting on the fact that few people in the neighborhood would really take their dogs down there, because nobody thought that was really the right setting to drop off your dog or pick it up in
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the evenings. the one question which would be my closing question, who in their right to mind would want to live in a residential building with that many dogs in the basement? >> i think you have to questions. the other is about the viability of the business. i think our target market will be people who work in the neighborhood and the expanded neighborhood, which does include the financial district and the embarcadero.
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it is a difficult neighborhood right now, but people go to the golden gate theater, and people will park their car in the garage. i am hoping they will do the same thing with the dog spirited region with the dogs. the other thing is about being in the building. now i am almost finished and should be moving in next year. it was fantastic. there was concrete everywhere.
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that was there from before. >> thank you for your comments. vice-president olague: it was around the new ways. the dogs on the ground floor. >> the people working there do not want it. it drives them nuts. if the dogs are barking, the employees go nuts.
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if the dogs keep barking, you hose them down. i was reading hosing them down is very affective. >> they would be walked obviously. they get stimulation from walking in the neighborhood. we will be doing the walks. >> when i talk to people in the neighborhood, they were concerned about cleanliness.
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>> just like the other dog day care, we will be cleaning up. we will get some of the dogs out, but most of them will be staying inside the facility. >> commissioner horton. >> do you really plan to have 60 dogs? >> that is the maximum. i do not think we will have that many. i think we will probably have more like 40 or 50, although we may take a stand and say the other dog day cares are doing this. let's undercut and to have its price, and will hire more people. -- to half the price, and we will hire more people.
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>> i was intrigued by this code. this is a dog day care, but it was determined we would not use the code, but we would instead use the code for animal hospitals. i did not understand the rationale and where we came up with the definition of 12 dogs. and why we have decided to reclassify the project. >> we do have definitions for animal hospitals and clinics. gearein 2007, the zoning
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administrator reviewed the code, and determined a dog day care was similar enough that he determined it was the same kind of use and went ahead and split it into two sides, and of a smaller family dog day care spher-- and the larger one thats more than 12. it was his determination, because it was not in the code. >> i was confused, because i thought of was actual code. we do not have a code that
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accurately deals with it. how are they classified? what was the approval process? >> i cannot speak for that. one was in a heavier use area. if this had been proposed a couple years ago, we would be looking at it a little differently. commercial uses workers in the region were permitted -- commercial use workers were permitted. commercial uses were allowed as they are in the nearest commercial district.
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neighborhood commercial districts do not allow animal hospitals. >> phoi saw that. >> the nearest was south of market. they are only a loan here this year. they decided these are similar and we would regulate it that way. >> there is part of me that things we need to clean up the code of. -- coda. i do not think it is fair to say this is like an animal hospital curator -- animal hospital. that is troubling. i have heard they do not have a problem with the concept. it sounds interesting.
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your business model is not my own business. my real concern is how we are applying the current. also whether or not the code is applicable. >> other than to restate it has been determined to been within the context, the way to do with it. >> i do not know if there is a suggestion, but these facilities seem to be more popular. >> there is a formalist interpretation. that happens quite often they become more specific.
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>> for some reason they arrived at the no. 12. do we know what the logic was for determining that 12 is the number? >> i can guess, but i would not want to do that. >> the number of animal bed syria and -- and beds. >> it is going back to what the code says and the interpretation, and this seems to be an outside a los that interpretation. -- outside of that
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interpretation. >> i think your explanation exhibited good organizational skills, so i think you will do really well. i am familiar with some of these facilities. there is one close to my dental office. they have residential of of them. ei have not heard of too many problems. i am not saying there are not any. it seems very popular. i would move that we approve
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with the conditions of approval forwarded by staff and exhibition exhibit a, and i did not know if we have to include the standards. comissioner sugaya: i had a misconception of what the use was going to be. now you clarify there is no overnight space. if we have the dogs split stocks -- up, 15 dogs to an area, and if they are all there, 60 dogs, so how does the situation worked, how many times during the day do dogs
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poo? i asked because according to the conditions of the health or were of the construction comes from, you're supposed to have concrete floors and trains and the ability to wash them away. you watch them all away into a drain? how does this work? >> what usually happens is the dogs are trained to go in a particular phase, and that is because the dogs before them have gone. that is generally clean more often. by the end of today, the whole place is washed down.
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otherwise, it will smile appearing it quacks -- it will smile. >> i understand they have this for that purpose. is the place they aren't trained to go separate region they are trained to go separate? >> it is within that space. within each of the spaces will be an area, and that will be cleaned more frequently commoane whole place is clean. some of them you cannot see through them. about 6 foot high were you cannot see through the chain links.
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>> the existing mezzanine has a concrete floor? >> it has not been built yet. it will have a concrete floor. >> we have a dog, but i do not use a dog day care. i have been in facilities that have 50 dogs. when they are well-run, you do not hear any barking. groups of dogs when they are together do not necessarily create barking. they can be done in the manner
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described curator of >> -- the manner described. >> did this required neighborhood notification? there was support from the neighborhood? >> they were concerned about cleaning up. >> cleaning up is ultimately an issue in terms of ensuring the building is built to the standards outlined. >> i may also mention there are a number of dog day cares that do not to dog walking in addition to normal care, and they have been existing for years. >> there was a motion? is there a second?
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>> i will second the motion. >> did it include both of these? >> it did include conditions of approval >> those are department of public health. and >> i just have to say, i think you have answered a lot of our questions. you have to run your business, and we cannot judge whether it will make sense. this building has been vacant for 10 or 20 years. i hope you will work on ways to support the residents of the community. it would be ashamed to have the
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facility exists if it does not provide a benefit to the neighborhood. >> the motion is for approval with conditions guaranteed by staff. on that motion -- k[calling votes] that motion passed unanimously. you are now on item number. -- number 11. >> good evening, commissioners.
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before you is a request for discretionary review of a building permit application to construct a three story horizontal and vertical addition to an existing family building. the addition will be set back 43 feet and associated in the side yard. the subject parcel is 122.5 feet by 120 feet wide and located between 20 and street and 20 first street. the building is a two-story residence with no off street parking. the issue of the requester are impacts to light and privacy of
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the windows located on the north of the building. that it does not match the character and the project has not undergone adequacy historic review and does not conform to standards. the department reviewed the project to a building that appears eligible to a potential historic district. the proposed addition is placed in a manner that will not defying architectural features of the building and is compatible with the existing building the addition, while visible from the street is subordinate to the main body of the building, does not overwhelm the existing building, allows the existingon


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